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Auto Click Italy - Italy Depot

auto click italy information

Via Cremasca 96 Azzano San Paolo
Milan- Bergamo, Milan, IT

After picking up your luggage, go to the exit door number 4 in the departure area, cross the street and wait under the green cross of the pharmacy. There the Autoclick rent a car shuttle bus will be waiting for you.

Via Serra,4 - Calderara di Reno
Bolonia, Bolonia, IT

After picking up your luggages, in order to provide for a better service, we suggest to contact us at the 0510420770, to inform of your arrival. Go to the Departures Area, located at the first floor of the airport, where our shuttle will arrive to pick you at the office.

Via Baracca, 4 - Novegro di Segrate
Milan - Linate, Milan, IT

After picking up your luggage, you must go to the first floor (Departures), go to door 4, exit the terminal building and cross the first street, there our courtesy bus will be waiting for you.

Via Don Andrea Sacconago,2 - Vizzola Ticino
Milan- Malpensa, VA, IT

Terminal T1. After picking up your luggage exit the terminal building through door 6, cross the street and get on the sidewalk that is in the median strip. This is an area that allows a maximum stay of 10 minutes. Autoclick's courtesy bus will wait for you here for a maximum of 7 minutes, after the maximum waiting time it will leave the airport and enter again.


Terminal T2. Exit at the door that indicates AIRPORT BUS - Terminal 1-Treni / Trains, once outside go to the right and follow the yellow arrow Partenze Departures. In front of the pharmacy, cross the street to the parking lot in front of the PARTENZE DEPARTURES building and wait near the sign PUNTO DI RACCOLTA, there you will find Autoclick's courtesy bus.

Via Darsena 1 (Ref. Hotel Galilei)
Pisa, Pisa, IT

After leaving the terminal building you will see a bus stop in front, you must walk to your right towards the roundabout, 20 meters before you reach the Via Eugenio III, you will find the parking P6 on the right side, there our courtesy bus will be waiting for you.

Via Baldini, SNC
Roma-Ciampino, Roma, IT

After picking up your luggage, head to the exit, cross the zebra crossing and go right to Parking P5, there you will find the Autoclick Shuttle waiting for you.

Via Portuense, 2415/TER. Fiumicino.
Roma-Fiumicino, Lazio, IT

Working hours:
Monday to Sunday  07:00 - 22:00
Out of hrs available:
Charge            EUR 30,00/service

After collecting your luggage, please exit the baggage collection area and proceed to the first floor (departures) in Terminal 3.
On the first floor,  proceed to walk outside the building toward doors 4-5. An AUTOCLICK minibus will be waiting there.

Via Orlanda 219, Venecia - Aeropuerto - Marco Polo
Venecia, Venecia, IT

After collecting your luggage leave the Terminal and go towards the tower you can see in front of you. There the Autoclick rent a car shuttle bus will be waiting for you.

Via Caselle, 74 -Sommacampagna
Verona, Verona, IT

After picking up your luggage, head to the exit of the terminal building and walk to your right, in the alley between both terminals the Autoclick's courtesy shuttle will be waiting for you.

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